The second day of our Kota Kinabalu trip, we woke up early in the morning and went to the Gaya Street Sunday Market at 7am. KK dawns earlier than Kuching therefore by 8am it feels like 10am in Kuching,  for me it is very hot.

Gaya Street, less than 5 minutes walk from Eden54.

Situated just straight down from where we stay, it is just less than 5 minutes walk from Eden54 Hotel. The market stretched from the Jesselton Hotel until the famous Jalan Gaya arch.

Jesselton Hotel, this is the starting point of the Sunday market.

The arch, "marks" the end of the Sunday Market.

The recreational park is just opposite the arch.

There is a wide range of goodies in the market waited for us in this short distance walk. Like most of the market they sells some common goodies ranging from food, fruits, plants, herbs, accessories, clothes and toys.

We can easily identify the plants we need to buy as they are indicated clearly.

Many types of herbal roots and mushrooms, make sure you know what they are for before consuming them.

Need some butterfly to make your garden more lively?

More accessories here!

Children gathered to share their excitement while the stall owner displayed the robotic toys.

Besides there are also some interesting items sold here like souvenirs, antics and traditional musical instruments, pets, aquarium gadgets, and sea shells.

Wide range of souvenirs- pens, key chains, fridge magnets, book mark, T-shirts, pouches, bags and etc.

Antics, and some traditional musical instruments.

Puppies are waiting for its new owner. Buy me!

Some sell birds and chickens.

Rabbits, they are so adorable.

Hamster, they look so cute.

Meow, cats are sold here too.

Colorful aquarium decorations and some apparatus for your aquarium.

Beautiful and unique sea shells.

There are also some “services” that you can get in the market like live music performance, and also the foot reflexology massage.

Get yourself entertained with the traditional music performance while strolling in the market.

Foot reflexology massage by the blinds. If you are extremely painful at a certain reflexology point, you should have pay more attention to the related organ.

Something I like most is the cleanliness of the market as well as the police patrol to ensure that everything goes well here.

Police petrol at the market is a new sight or me as most of the markets that I went do not have such. Perhaps they did but I did not see it.

Not much things we bought here but a few souvenirs since most of the items are rather difficult for us to bring back via flight.

Cheaper souvenirs here and we managed to pick few of them.

As the name of the market suggested, it is only open on Sunday morning at Gaya Street and on other days it is just an ordinary street.

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