Mitsu Shabu shabu (快可利刷刷锅) is a spot for steamboat lovers. Previously it was situated opposite The Spring, near RHB bank. Now, it has shifted to Jalan Song.

It is now at Jalan Song

Shabu shabu, the Japanese hot pot or steamboat.

The interior - quiet, hygienic and calming.

There are plenty of choices here. If you are not interested in having steamboat, they also offer a variety of fried rice/noodle/beehun and other side dishes.

Kee Man and I went there for our dinner. I ordered the vege+chicken steamboat set and he ordered the vege+seafood steamboat set. Those two sets were more than enough for us as we shared our sets.

Here come our chicken soup base, waited to be boiled.

We were served with a chicken soup as the base of the steamboat. I think it is a good idea of having steamboat without worrying about hygiene problem as each diners are served individually.

Depend on individual preferences, for me, I'll definitely boil the egg while eating, blanched the vege followed by the seafood or meat.

The remaining of the vege set of Kee Man's. Our vege set included : 2 slices of pumpkin and winter melon each, a bunch of Kankung (water spinach), 1 egg, 4 cubes of taufu, 2pcs of small corns, 2 pcs of black fungus, 2 pcs of vege seafood fish balls (as shown above), and some beehun.

Kee man ordered the vege+seafood, so here were the seafood served - prawns, fish, different types of squid, crab balls, clam served 3 to 4 slices/pcs each. Too hungry, I ate some already !!! ;P

I ordered the vege+chicken set. I like the chicken to be sliced that thin. It is almost as thin as a paper. It is easy to be cooked and the texture is much more tender than in chunks.

We were only given 2 types of sauces - cili sauce (tasted sour at first then a bit spicy later) and the miso like sauce (it tasted salty like miso with some other favor like the spring onions).

All we did for the dinner was to blanch blanch and blanch our ingredients… off course if you are dining with a group of people, it should be a nice place for a long chit chat and eating.

Overall, we ate about RM 33 including drinks – vege+seafood set (RM15), vege+chicken set (RM12)


Newly shifted to Jalan Song, near the open air food court.

Overall Rating

Service: 3.0/5
Environment: 3.0/5
Cleanliness: 3.5/5

Rating for the steamboat set: 2.5/5

Rating for the soup base: 2.5/5

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