Body type: Apple Shape/ ‘O’ Shaped/Oval Shaped

Apple shaped ladies tend to carry most of the weight at the middle part of the body, possess narrow shoulders and hips and less defined waist.

Apple/ 'O' shaped body.

Best exercises

General weight loss – That is the first step to burn the excessive calories in the body. Start with a low resistance exercises and slowly increase the intensity.

Suitable exercises: cycling, dancing, jogging, jumping rope, aerobic activities, running

Target the midsection – the problem area

Suitable exercises: crunch (tones the entire abdomen)

Broaden the upper and lower part of the body – balanced the physique

Suitable exercises: dumpbell, shoulder press, deadlift, leg press, stair climbing

Yoga for apple shaped body: Full boat pose (paripurna navasana), cobra pose (bujangasana), camel pose (ustrasana), bow pose (dhanurasana), chair pose (utkatasana), half frog pose (ardha bhekasana), dolphin plank pose

Best exercises for apple shaped body.

Suitable Clothing


Trousers – even out the body shape & make you look leaner

  • boot cut jeans/wide legged
  • long leg line
  • stretchable fabric to emphasize the curves (hips and backside)

Skirts/Dresses – add dimension in the middle section of the body to look shapely

  • layering light fabric
  • wrap /ribbed/ ‘A’ line/’V’ neck line/empire waist dress to disguise the tummy
  • flare/ ‘A’  line skirts/pencil skirt
  • solid dark dress
  • tailored trousers


Clothes/Jackets - avoid anything which clings to the stomach

  • Cap sleeves to broaden the shoulders
  • camisoles/ button down shirts/ tailored jackets best fits apple shaped ladies
  • long enough to hit the hip area (hit below waist line) to hide the problem area
  • ‘V’ neck shape tops gives a natural sliming effect (draw attention to the bust/shoulders)
  • no chunky/ruffled/ heavy/loud pattern/ big prints tops as they accentuate the full figure
  • monochromatic color scheme fabric it which the pattern gives a leaner/hourglass shaped look.
  • cotton + chiffon fabric
  • solid dark color
  • two layered tops (creates a layering effect, gives definition to the middle area)
  • Swim wear: tankini

Accessories – add curves but never over do

  • Belt – funky belts
  • earing/necklace – draw attention to the face


  • dainty wedge shaped shoes
  • high heels/funky shoes

Suitable clothings for apple shaped ladies.

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